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How to make your Kitchen Clean and Pristine for Christmas

The Christmas Countdown has well and truly begun and we can’t wait to crack into our advent calenders, get cosy in our slippers and wait for Santa to arrive on his sleigh! But before we do that, most of us have to get our homes prepped and ready for the festivities, especially those of us accommodating family members or hosting the Christmas dinner.

Check out our handy tips on how to make your kitchen sparkle this Christmas so you can spend more time enjoying the fun and relaxing with your loved ones.

Remove all Clutter

Firstly, remove any clutter that you may have around your kitchen. Preparing the Christmas dinner doesn’t only take a lot of time and effort but it requires as much space as possible for you to prep, chop and cook! Making sure your kitchen is as clear as possible will help towards making Christmas Day as stress-free as possible.

Clean out the Fridge

Make sure that the fridge is clean, with plenty of room to stock up on Christmas goodies! Remember to throw out any food that is past it’s expiry date too, including jars and condiments. Remove fridge shelves and wipe them with antibacterial spray, or even better – soak them in warm, soapy water to be sure to kill off any unwanted germs. Our Marigold Wash and Wipe Microfibre Dish Cloth is the perfect tool to get the job done as it’s ultra absorbent and can be used on a variety of surfaces for a deep clean.

Disinfect the Bins

Many people neglect cleaning their bins but they tend to be the places that harbour the most germs and bacteria around your home, so it’s important they are washed regularly. Empty your bins before leaving them to soak in hot water and disinfectant and remember to allow them to fully dry before adding another bin bag. You don’t want any damp, unpleasant smells around your home while you’re tucking into your Christmas feast!

Clean the Microwave

A clean microwave is a must around the festive period. We’re sure you’ll be reheating your tasty leftovers on Boxing Day giving you ample time for lazing around in your PJ’s – yay! And it’s an easier task than you may think. All you have to do is fill a microwave safe bowl with a cup of water, some chopped lemon, lime and a few tablespoons full of vinegar. Turn the machine onto high for several minutes or until the window looks steamy and the liquid has boiled. Then, carefully discard the water and give your machine a wipe. Using the Marigold Cleaning Me Softly, Non Scratch Scourer will effectively break up and lift tough dirt without scratching delicate surfaces.

Clean the Oven

Do you want your turkey to taste burnt and infused with oven grease? No thank you! To prevent this, clean your oven racks before the festivities begin and ensure your Christmas dinner lives up to expectations. Try using Marigold’s No More Elbow Grease heavy duty scourer. It’s flat and flexible so perfect for cleaning in difficult places! Check out our blog post on Natural Cleaning Swaps to find out how you can clean your oven without using any harsh chemicals either.

Follow our handy tips and it won’t just be your tree that will sparkle this Christmas, but your kitchen too! With a little bit of preparation and a helping hand from Marigold you can have the kitchen spick and span, impressing all of your family and friends.

Winter is Here! Cold Weather Cleaning Tips for your Home

Winter is well and truly on its way, so make sure that your home is ready for the season! With more time spent indoors, hosting parties and cosying up in the comfort of our bedrooms and living rooms, it is vital our homes are clean and fresh for the upcoming cold winter months.

With our handy tips, you can spend less time dreading the cold and more time for relaxing with your loved ones or hibernating underneath your duvet!

Beat condensation

Condensation in the home is one of the most common problems in the winter months. It’s formed by water droplets that settle on cold surfaces such as glass, mirrors and walls and can lead to mould, damp and other serious issues within your home. Because rooms such as the bathroom and the kitchen usually have the highest condensation levels and therefore the most germs, these are usually the areas that you need to watch out for the most!

To prevent condensation from causing any problems, you should try and reduce the amount of moisture in your home. Try to dry your wet clothes outside and make an effort to keep the rooms where you cook and shower well ventilated by using an air vent or, by opening the window for fifteen minutes a day. If your home is already suffering from mould, scrub the area with bleach and leave overnight before applying an anti-fungal spray.

Clean your bath or shower

Cold weather means long, toasty baths and warm showers. In the winter months, however, this means that bathrooms might suffer from grime. That’s why it is vital to regularly unclog your drain from any potential hair or blockages by applying a drain cleaner and rinsing with hot water! You should also wipe down your shower or bath to rid them of any limescale or watermarks. Check out our article on Natural Cleaning Swaps for tips on what products to use!

Make sure that your windows are sparkling

As the temperature starts to drop, cleaning your windows might seem like less of a priority. But with the days already getting shorter, did you know that if your windows are dirty, you could be cutting daylight hours shining into your home by 20 percent? Cleaning your windows during November will ensure that your home feels more bright and airy as the days get darker!

Rid yourself of Clutter

The less clutter you have in your home, the tidier and more welcoming it will feel. If you have lots of stuff lying around you never use or don’t have a purpose for any more, clear it out! The more you have lying around, the more dust will gather!

To save things from going to waste or if you’d rather not throw them away, donate these items to your local charity shop. One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure and with less clutter your home will feel a more relaxed environment. After all, a clear space means a clear mind!

Ensuring your home is clean when the weather starts to change is important because it helps keep those dreaded winter germs or bugs at bay! Most importantly however, it means you can have peace of mind when it comes to spending time with friends and family, which is what matters the most.

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