June, 2021



Top Tips and Tricks For Cleaning in a Busy Household

Finding time to clean your home when you lead a busy life can be tricky, time-consuming, and tiring. Whether you have kids, pets, a demanding job, or even a combination of everything, the last thing you want to do after a busy day is clean the house.

Marigold is here to help you out with our handy tips and tricks. Let us help make your life just that little bit easier.

Plan Your Cleaning Tasks

As tempting as it can be to leave all the cleaning for the weekend, a little bit of cleaning each day will help you keep your busy household tidy.

Spreading your cleaning out throughout the week will help you feel less overwhelmed, so write out a cleaning plan and allocate the tasks you’re going to tackle each day. Feel free to give yourself a time limit each day too to ensure you don’t get carried away having too much fun organising.

It’s important to plan your tasks for a time that suits you and your lifestyle. Whether it means cleaning just before you go to work, or straight after the school run, find the time that works for you. If you’ve started working from home recently, you could use some of your lunch hour for quick tasks like laundry or ironing. This way you have more spare time to relax in the evening!

If you have kids, get them involved with the cleaning. Create a chore wheel with small tasks, such as making their bed or putting their toys away. It will take a few jobs off your plate and help build their sense of responsibility.

Small Tasks That Make a Big Difference

Don’t overlook small chores that take a short period of time. Completing just a few tasks each day in between your busy schedule can really help to keep on top of your cleaning.

Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Putting clothes into the laundry basket as soon you’ve taken them off
  • Wipe down kitchen surfaces in the evening after cooking
  • Hang up or put away your keys, shoes and bags when you enter the house
  • Make the bed first thing in the morning

An easy rule of thumb: if a job takes less than 60 seconds to complete, don’t put it off. Do it straight away, so all those small tasks never add up and end up taking a full afternoon to tick off.

A Simple Weekly Plan to Follow


To start off the week lets do a satisfying job that will keep you motivated for the week ahead. Mopping and hoovering! Your home will look and feel fresh.


If you aren’t doing so already, we’d recommend deep cleaning your bathroom on a weekly basis at least, however, some areas may need attention on a more regular basis too. To deep clean the shower, toilets, and surfaces you will need to get your hands on some essential products.

Marigold Longer Bathroom Gloves are perfect for tackling the bathroom, their longer length and roll-top cuffs help them stay up so you have extra protection when cleaning the toilet. When used damp, the Marigold Squeaky Clean Microfibre Cloth is our star product for giving your taps and mirrors that squeaky clean and shiny finish.


Time to tackle the lounge! To clean the lounge from top to bottom simply hoover, dust, and re-organise along the way. You’ll need the Marigold Let It Shine! Microfibre Cloth for an extra quick dusting job. This cloth removes over 99% of bacteria when you just add water*, so there’s no need to use household chemicals.


Waking up in a messy space can have a negative effect on your mood, so on Thursdays, let's turn our attention to the bedrooms. Firstly, put your clothes away, clean all surfaces and take any rubbish out.

To make sure the sun can shine into your bedroom and brighten your day, use the Marigold Crystal Clear Window Cloth for a streak-free clean. The easy glide emboss fabric and large cloth size will help you clean the windows quicker than ever.


The kitchen can often feel like a room where the tidying is never-ending. A daily wipe down is necessary but Fridays are more about those deep cleaning tasks so you can start your weekend feeling fresh. Start by mopping the floors and wiping down the surfaces.

If you really want to give your kitchen some TLC, our Scrub Away Heavy Duty Scourer is perfect for getting rid of burnt on food and dirt from the oven and grills.

A Marigold top tip - use white vinegar as an alternative to stainless steel cleaner by filling up a leftover spray bottle with half white vinegar and half water. Spray it over the grill and wait five minutes before heading in with your scourer.


Reward yourself and give yourself a day free from chores. You deserve it!


Box off the laundry before the start of the week. It’s an easy, pleasant task to do and sets you up to feel accomplished and ready for the week, as all of your clothes are clean and ready to wear. Whilst washing your clothes pop in your bedsheets for their weekly wash, fresh sheets will create a relaxed environment in your bedroom.

Daily cleaning tips from Marigold

No matter how messy your house is, these tips and tricks will have your home sparkling in no time.

Create a cleaning caddy with your favourite cleaning items that can be easily taken from room to room.

Using microfibre cloths for cleaning is a game-changer - there’s a reason we call it Marigold Magic! The Marigold Let it Shine! Microfibre Cloths work for all sorts of tasks. From quick dust and crumb collection to polishing worktops and surfaces.

We understand that having pets and children can make you wary of how many chemicals you are using in your home. This is why the Marigold Let it Shine! Microfibre Cloths are essential in your cleaning caddy. By using just a little water, this cloth removes over 99% of bacteria* - making it the perfect cloth to wipe down surfaces and keep your mind at ease.

Learn how to prevent (not remove) stains

If you’re cleaning a house with kids, accidents and spills are bound to happen. Researching ways to remove stains from carpets, surfaces or flooring will save you a lot of stress, however, the Marigold Oops Away Cloth is the ideal cloth for dealing with spillages. This fast-absorbing fabric can clean up a spill before it has time to do any further damage.

Create storage boxes for each room

A cluttered space can feel messy and make actual cleaning tasks even harder. By removing items from the floor, chairs, and surfaces and placing them into organised boxes, a cleaner environment will be created. This could be pet toys, children’s books, or even your perfumes. Tidying these things away at the end of the day is crucial to keeping a home tidy.

For more tips on a full home declutter visit our ‘Decluttering your home’ blog here.

We hope this quick guide helped you feel more prepared to tackle cleaning your home whilst leading a busy lifestyle.

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*Removes E. coli & S. aureus from laminate countertops & ceramic tile as tested at a 3rd party lab
a brand of FREUDENBERG