Need to relax? Get washing up!

Forget yoga mats and relaxation apps, it seems that all you need to de-stress and relax is a pair of Marigolds and some dirty dishes. Research by Florida State University has found that washing up promotes a positive state of mindfulness, reducing nerves by 27%!

Jammed jar? A simple solution

Can’t get the lid off your jar? Pop on a pair of Marigolds as they’ll give you the extra grip you need to get it off in a jiffy!

Broken glass?

Panic not! Pop on a pair of Marigolds and press a slice of bread on to the glass shards. The particles will stick to the bread

A perfect pet hair hack

Got pet hair on your furniture? Pop on a pair of Marigold Gloves, run them under the tap and rub your damp Marigolds over the sofa. All the hair sticks to the gloves – you have a nice clean sofa!

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