How to get the Kids cleaning this Summer

Summer holidays can seem never ending sometimes. Small chores you’d normally keep on top of whilst the kids are at school unfortunately get pushed aside as, let’s face it, entertaining children is a full time job and then some!

But you don’t have to struggle alone – why not turn your problem into a solution by enlisting your kids to help with the cleaning?

Follow our top tips and you’ll have the kids helping in no time without them even realising!

Let them own it

  • Children love having their own things – they take pride in having their own bedroom, argue over who’s toy is whose and often have their very own mini ironing board or vacuum. So why not treat them to a mini cleaning set of their own? Simply pick up a box, label it with their name and build it up over time. Why not start off with a pack of our bright-coloured Let It Shine cloths and a Wiper Upper – or pick up one of our cleaning bundles instead.
  • Of course, the place to start with chores is…a chore chart. Give each child weekly tasks with one chore a day. Tick off each chore and reward them with a Sunday treat – it could be watching their favourite film, extra time on the iPad or a trip to the park. You’ll get more cleaning done and get to spend some quality time together too – it’s a win-win!
  • Children (and adults) are more likely to keep things tidy if everything has a designated area. Having labelled containers (use pictures for younger ages) will help your children to understand where everything lives. If (or should we say when) they refuse to put their toys away, have a separate box where you then put all of the toys they refuse to tidy.

Make it fun

  • Younger children love to play make believe; so whether it’s Cinderella sweeping, a trip to ‘Aaron’s cleaning land’, or a mission impossible task to fold up all of your clothes, introduce some role play to make it fun!
  • If you’re short on time, we’ve got just the game. Put on your child’s favourite song and challenge them to put away as much as they can before the song ends. The winner gets to pick the next song, and bonus points for the best dancer too.
  • When it comes to siblings, there’s nothing wrong with a healthy bit of competition. Wonder who would tidy their room the fastest if they knew the winner gets to choose what goes on the TV tonight?!

We know it’s not easy but hopefully some of these tips can help to make your life that little bit easier, and more fun, this Summer. Let us know how you get on!

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