Are you a seasoned cleaner or have your never picked up a cloth in your life? Do you have a dedicated cleaning kit for each room or do you grab the nearest cloth and go?

Whatever your cleaning style, there’s a Marigold product for you. Take our quiz to discover your cleaning style and our recommended cleaning bundle

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How often do you clean your home?

When I can’t put it off any longer
Every day – I love to clean
Hardly ever – that’s a job for my mum/ kids/ partner/ cleaner
Most days – I need to keep on top of it

Who normally cleans your home?

Me – I don’t trust anyone else
My partner – they’re so much more organised
Me – with a little help from the family
A cleaner – why do it, when you can get someone else to

What would help you to clean more?

I have a rota that helps
I need more motivation
I need a helping hand
I need more time

What’s your attitude to cleaning?

I constantly push it to the bottom of my to do list
I love cleaning
I don’t know how to clean or where to start
I’m not a fan but it’s not going to clean itself right?

Do you ever take shortcuts?

Only when I have last-minute guests
All the time

How does cleaning make you feel?

I don’t enjoy it, but feel proud afterwards
Happy, content, and relaxed
Stressed and annoyed
Tired and exhausted – I won’t lie

Let’s say you have a cleaner (lucky you), what do you do before they arrive?

I wouldn’t trust a cleaner to do a good enough job
Tidy everything away
Write them a to do list
Leave the house in a panic – it’s a mess

Pick the cleaning product that sounds most like you

Squeaky Clean - because that's you in a nutshell
Oops Away Roll – always on-hand for last minute emergencies
No More Elbow Grease – for all of the support you can get
Cleaning Me Softly – to make cleaning that little bit easier

Reveal your cleaning style

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