7 common household areas you forget to clean

Do you have a regular cleaning routine and spring clean every year like clockwork? Then we salute you.

But is your house really clean?

It could be that you’re still missing some high traffic or out of sight areas around the home where dust and grime easily builds up.

To help you out, we’ve listed 7 common areas that are often missed during the regular clean below… don’t forget to add them to your cleaning checklist.

Door knobs and light switches

It’s important to keep these high traffic areas clean to stop dirt build up.

Remove grease, dust and dirt with ease by wiping over with the Marigold Let it Shine Microfibre Cloth – you won’t even need to use any nasty chemicals!

Don’t forget under the bed

Take a peek under your bed and I’m guessing you’ll find more than a missing top and empty shoe box…

We often ignore cleaning under the bed due to the difficult nature of getting under it.

So next time you’re in the market for a new bed, consider getting one that sits higher up and add vacuuming under it to your regular cleaning checklist to stop the build up of dust and grime.

And make sure you don’t neglect the bed frame, especially if it is metal. Our Wiper Upper will take care of that in one quick wipe.

Top of kitchen cabinets

Unless you’re lucky enough to have ceiling height cupboards, it could be that you haven’t given them a good clean in years. Simply wipe down cabinet tops with a damp Wiper Upper next generation microfibre cloth.

And don’t forget, when cleaning your kitchen, clean top to bottom to avoid dirt and dust falling onto already clean kitchen counters. The Squeaky Clean is perfect for leaving your work tops streak free and shining.

Computer Keyboard

Are you guilty of eating at your computer? Then this one’s for you.

First, unplug your keyboard from your computer and tip it upside down to dislodge any larger crumbs or bits of dirt. Then, take a post it note and run the sticky edge in-between your keys to pick up any small particles of dirt and dust.

Finish off by running a microfibre cloth sprayed with a small amount of disinfectant over the keys. Wait for the keyboard to dry, and you’re ready to get back to work.

Remote control

The remote is possibly one of the most touched items in the average household.

With sticky fingerprints, spilt food, dead skin cells, and germs – you’ll probably want to clean it more often than you are at present.

To start, remove the batteries and use a dry toothbrush to lightly brush the buttons. Then mix equal amounts of water and rubbing alcohol (e.g. ethanol) in a spray bottle and spray a small amount onto a microfibre cloth to rub over the remote.

Finally, use a dry cloth (purchase a pack of four here) to wipe over the remote. Once dry, you’re ready to add the batteries back in and settle down for a germ free evening in front of the box.

Duvet & Pillows

You regularly clean your bed sheets but have you ever thought about washing your duvet and pillows.

With the bed being the number one harbourer of dust mites, it’s important to keep all aspects of it clean.

Check whether your duvet is machine washable before popping it into the washing machine at the correct temperature. If not, you may need to take your duvet to the dry cleaners.

Aim to do this around twice a year to ensure your bed is clean and hygienic.

Door Frames

They may be out of sight, but they definitely shouldn’t be out of mind. Swipe your finger over the top of your door frames and we’re betting it will come down covered in dust!

Take a damp Squeaky Clean cloth and wipe over the top of door frames to remove built up dust. And don’t forget to vacuum the floors afterwards to pick up any dust fallout on the floor.

Cleaning Cloths

How long has your current kitchen cleaning cloth been sat at your sink for? If the answers a while or you simply can’t remember – it may be time to give them a good clean.

Most of our cloths are machine washable at up to 60°c, so simply pop them in your machine to give them a thorough clean. Or better still, try our Wiper Upper microfibre cloth which has odour stop technology to inhibit bacteria build up and the cloth getting smelly – so your cloth stays fresher for longer.

Have you been neglecting any of these high traffic areas around your home?

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