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Our new look Marigold Squeaky Clean Flexi Microfibre Cloth combines the cleaning power of microfibre with a special coating, for extra absorbency and gleaming results. It leaves even the shiniest surfaces streak-free and sparkling! Now soft and flexible, when wet or dry.

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Product Highlights

1. Streak Free Results

Used damp all around the home, this cloth will leave even the shinest of surfaces streak free and sparking. From worktops to windows, this is the cloth for you!

2. Clean & Dries In 1 Wipe

No need to follow up with a dry cloth, this cloth combines the deep cleaning power of microfibre with a special absorbent coating, to both clean and dry surfaces!

3. Easy To Rinse Surface

The special coating on this cloth makes it easy to rinse clean, so you can use it again and again. Plus this cloth is also machine washable, up to 60℃



Microfibre Deep Cleaning

Cleans even greasy dirty, without the need for chemicals (just use water)



From glass to granite, shower screens to stainless steel - used damp, this cloth leaves even the shiniest of surfaces streak free


Soft & Super Absorbent

These cloths are soft and flexible, when wet or dry, with a special coating for maximum absorbency

More info about the Squeaky Clean Flexi Microfibre Cloth

The ultimate microfibre cloth for cleaning for all surfaces. Thanks to the special absorbent coating, this cloth leaves even the shiniest of surfaces streak free and sparkling. Gone are the days when you need to buy a separate glass and window cleaning cloth, just grab a Squeaky Clean Flexi Microfibre cloth – this one cloth does it all.

The Marigold Squeaky Clean Flexi Microfibre Cloth is perfect for absorbing spills, deep cleaning and leaving shiny surfaces such as glass, granite and stainless steel squeaky clean and sparkling.

Did you know – this cloth is also brilliant for bathrooms. Wiping down wet areas like your sink or shower after use will help to prevent the build-up of mould and limescale, as well as leaving a super shine.

Stand back and prepare to be dazzled!

When dirty simply pop in the washing machine up to 60°C and leave to dry unfolded. Wash with similar colours. Do not use with softener, bleach or on hot surfaces.


Top 5 uses for the Marigold Squeaky Clean Flexi Cloth:

The versatile Squeaky Clean Flexi Microfibre cloths are great for all surfaces, but this cloth really comes into its own, when it comes to a streak free finish. So the top 5 uses for this cloth are:

  • Window cleaning
  • Cleaning mirrors
  • Wiping down granite, quartz & other high gloss worktops
  • leaning stainless steel hobs, appliances & taps
  • Cleaning high gloss kitchen units

"A MariGOLD star review" 

"As someone who low-key hates cleaning this is the perfect one size fits all solution- they can be used on every surface and even give you that super satisfying squeak so you KNOW you’re getting the job done." - @househomo 

Frequently Asked Questions

The new Squeaky Clean Flexi Cloth can be purchased in Sainsburys, Ocado and The Range.
This multi-purpose microfibre cloth is ideal for all surfaces, even shiny surfaces, thanks to its special super absorbent coating. From your kitchen to bathroom, windows to worktops make this cloth your go-to product, for streak free results.
Squeaky Clean is a cloth loved by many of our shoppers, however the cloth was a little stiffer vs. standard microfibre cloths when dry. Taking this feedback onboard, we have relaunched this cloth with a new softer, more flexible feel when dry. This is also reflected in the updated name of the product (flexi).
The Squeaky Clean Flexi Microfibre cloth is still very absorbent, still gives microfibre deep cleaning power and is still great for giving streak free results, even on shiny surfaces… but we have made some changes to the coating on the cloth, so it now feels softer and more flexible, when dry. We also have some great new benefits for the cloth. We’ve also taken this opportunity to change the cloth colour – as many people do with the décor in their homes, to give it a fresh new look.
Rinse thoroughly before first use, dry unfolded, do not use fabric softner, do not bleach, wash with similar colours, do not use on hot surfaces. Washing at lower temperatures can prolong the lifetime of the cloth and help protect the environment.
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