Extra Universal Disposable GlovesExtra Universal Disposable Gloves

Extra Universal Disposable Gloves

60 pieces

£5.99 £4.99

  • Double layer palm for extra strength
  • Extra long cuff for added protection
  • Comfort fit & good grip


£5.99 £4.99
Size M-L (X.Xcm)
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Ideal for tasks including painting, gardening, self tanning, hair dyeing and DIYing

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Disposable Glove Size



All purpose

a pack of 60 gloves ideal for painting, gardening, self-tanning, hair dyeing and DIYing

Flexible and extra sensitive

gives your hands a protective barrier, ensuring sensitivity and flexibility

Powder-free and fine

only the palms are double-layered for strength

Extra-long beaded cuffs

extra protection for hands and wrists
Extra Universal Disposable Gloves