Q: What are the best rubber washing up gloves?

A: Our Extra-Life Kitchen Gloves are triple layered to protect your hands from domestic chemicals and hot water. They also have roll-top cuffs that stay up, and a safe-hold pattern for more grip.

Q: Are Marigold Gloves food safe?

A: Our latex free Multi-Purpose Disposable Gloves are 100% food safe, making them ideal for both cooking and food preparation, as well as being kind to sensitive skin. They offer handy protection from stains and smells while also providing great sensitivity, flexibility and grip.

Q: Are Marigold Gloves reusable?

A: Absolutely! All of our durable gloves are reusable rubber gloves. Simply rinse them in warm water with a touch of detergent and then hang them to dry.

Q: What are rubber gloves for?

A: The primary purpose of rubber gloves is to protect your hands. Depending on the type of glove and the protection it offers, this can include protection against cleaning agents and detergents, home hair-dye, or even hot water when you’re washing up.

Q: Can I use Marigold gloves for gardening?

A: Our Extra Tough Outdoor Gloves are ideal for gardening. They keep your hands dry and are the thickest glove in the Marigold range, offering extra protection for heavy duty tasks.
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