Marigold Cloths Frequently Asked Questions

Marigold Cloths

Marigold Cloths

Q: What is a microfibre cloth used for?

A: Microfibre cloths can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks around your home. From wiping down kitchen counters, cleaning your bathroom, or making your windows gleam, Marigold has a microfibre cloth to suit every need. See Marigold’s full range here.

Q: What’s so good about a microfibre cloth?

A: Microfibre cloths for cleaning tasks are made from split fibres. Split fibres create thousands of surfaces within Marigold’s microfibre cloths that allow them to remove dirt and grease with ease. Marigold has a full range of microfibre cloths for every cleaning task in your home.

Q: Are Marigold cloths reusable?

A: Yes! Most Marigold Microfibre cloths are machine washable and can be used time and again. Marigold’s Oops Away All Purpose Cloth is “semi-disposable”, so it can be rinsed and re-used on smaller spills.
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