Updating and upcycling Laminate Furniture – Prime Prime Prime

Updating old laminate furniture can be just as simple as solid wood – if you know how!

Rather than pulling out old fitted furniture and chucking that old chest of drawers, you can update old furniture for a fraction of the price.

Just remember to prime it! As you would with wood, first give the furniture a good clean, getting all the grease and grime off it – fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

Then lightly sand the surface- this will help the primer and paint to adhere.

Next, paint the furniture with a shellac based primer which you can buy from your local DIY store – it’s magic stuff and crucial to getting a long lasting look.

Finally, using the colour of your choice, paint the furniture in 2-3 coats for an even finish. Et Voila!

And don’t forget to protect your hands with our Multi-Purpose Disposable Gloves.

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