Marigold Thirsty Sponge

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Marigold Thirty Sponge is an absorbent and thick natural sponge, ideal for wiping and mopping up spillages around the home.

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1. Extra Absorbent

These thick natural sponges are perfect for use around the home, to soak up spills and wipe down surfaces.

2. Natural and Biodegradable

These natural cellulose sponges are 100% biodegradable*.

3. Extremely Durable

These sponges can be used time and again, just pop them in the washing machine when dirty.

Thirsty By Name, Thirsty By Nature


Ultra Absorbent

Soaks up spills with ease.


Perfect for Wiping Up

Dries those wet surfaces in no time.


Soft and Flexible

Making wiping and cleaning easier.

MORE INFORMATION about Marigold Thirsty Sponge

MORE INFORMATION about Marigold Thirsty Sponge

Marigold Thirsty Sponge is a natural household cleaning sponge that loves water! Its super absorbency makes it ideal for mopping up spills and splashes. This durable household cleaning sponge is soft and flexible, perfect for cleaning those hard to reach places. Rinse thoroughly before and after each use. Can be machine washed up to 600C.

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