Extra Safe Disposable GlovesExtra Safe Disposable Gloves

Extra Safe Disposable Gloves

40 pieces

£4.99 £3.74

  • 100% latex-free and powder free
  • Safe food preparation
  • Comfort fit & good grip


£4.99 £3.74
Size M-L (X.Xcm)
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Certified safe for handling & preparing food, also suitable for people with latex allergies


Safe for food, safe for hands

a pack of 40 gloves certified safe for handling and preparing food

100% latex-free and 100% powder-free

made from Nitrile, so no risk of latex allergies and contamination

Protects hands

against smells and stains

Safe and strong

strong polymer coating so they don’t tear easily

Great fit and grip

Extra Safe Disposable Gloves