Clean & GleamClean & Gleam

Clean & Gleam

2 pack


  • Double sided scourer
  • Stays hygienic thanks to Anti-bac in the scourer and the Odor Stop cloth
  • Scourer removes stubbon dirt, whilst cloth side wipes down surfaces



Antibacterial scourer and cleaning cloth in one.

Abrasive side removes stubborn dirt, whilst the cloth absorbs excess liquid & wipes surface clean.



scourer & wiping cloth in one


and durable

Abrasive scourer side

removes stubborn dirt

Interior foam

offers a soft grip and absorbs... like a sponge


cloth side is ideal for wiping surfaces

Stays hygienic

with anti-bac technology in the scourer and Odour Stop in the cloth to stay fresh for longer
Clean & Gleam